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Howdy friends.

I make a lot of recordings. They are usually quite different than what you get when you buy a Run On Sentence album. They may be recordings of me just playing guitar and singing, there may be 14 layers of vocals two organs and a drum, i might rock out on my midi guitar and make some silliness, i might play a song i’ve crafted, i may make one up as i go, i may cover someone else’s tune, and i might even cover one of my own… it’s hard to say really. The point is that i make them, and i’d like to share some of them with you.

That’s why i’ve decided to start a CSM. It stands for Community Supported Music.
For a donation of $10 – $25 you will receive, via email, 12-20 MP3 recordings in 2011. One a month guaranteed, plus 8 others mixed in if i get 40 or more people to support the project.

If you are interested in supporting this project simply click this button

In the “purpose” field, type CSM plus the email address you would like your music sent to and make your donation. If you’d prefer, you can also send a check, payable to Dustin Hamman, to:
Dustin Hamman
6 Lyle-Snowden Rd.
Lyle, WA 98635

Most, importantly, it would greatly improve the success of this project if you could help spread the word with anyone you think might be interested. You could even sign someone up as a holiday gift!

Still not convinced? Here’s my rendition of the Holiday Classic, I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas as a sample of the joy you could receive throughout the year.

Thanks for your support,
-dustin hamman

*Please remember that these recordings are for the curious. They are made by dustin hamman and are not intended to be judged alongside the more “finished” works of Run On Sentence.

  2 comments for “Community Supported Music

  1. Dhebi
    December 17, 2010 at 1:23 am

    Just got back from work all stressed out and what do I find? This joyous Hippo Xmas song…so funny and upbeat and just fun!! Took me right out of a bad case of moody, and put a smile on my face..and a couple of times I laughed out loud!!
    You are awesome…… my goodness…..really. ha
    I am donating of COURSE!

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