Euro touring!

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be opening for The Builders and The Butchers on there upcoming European tour! After that I’ll be traveling in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Ireland on my own in August. If you’d like to host a house concert in one of those places, please let me know!
Here’s a list of the shows we’re playing:

July 24th A-Neukirchen NCI
*July 25th GER-Konstanz Sommerfest @ Kulturladen
July 26th CH-Zürich El Lokal
July 27th GER-Düsseldorf Zakk
July 28th GER-Essen Panic Room
July 29th GER-Dresden GrooveStation
July 30th GER-Munich Milla
*July 31th GER-Reutlingen Burning Eagle Festival
*August 1st GER-Raversbeuren Lott Festival

*i’m not opening at the festivals.

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