Tour Diary #1 (getting going)

Around the end of February, i met up with Dan in El Paso, TX.  We played a sweet little bar called Monarch (they also have the best coffee in El Paso as far as i can tell).  Leo and the rest of the crew there were excellent hosts.  The next morning i got up and ate breakfast at Lucy’s Diner while dan was sleeping.  Lucy’s was cool… it’s a tiny diner that has that classic 50′s feel… there are about 10 barstools and you just sit down and the cook takes your order and then turns around and starts cooking.  It was an excellent Mexican breakfast and i’d definitely go back.  The coffee was typical shitty diner coffee though (which i kinda love)… so when Dan got up, we went back to Monarch for really good coffee and a few goodbyes.

From El Paso, we headed to my home in Silver City, NM (after a pit stop at the eternally weird and awesome, Adobe Deli just east of Deming) and met up with Kyle, Frankie, and our friend Rory.  They were getting ready to head out to North Carolina to teach a letterpress animation course at the Penland school of Arts and Crafts.  (Frankie was not so much going to teach as to play with other dogs and poop on some new turf.)  That night, Dan and i played on the local radio station while Rory taught a class at Kyle’s print shop, then we all had a night out at the infamous Buffalo Bar!  After Kyle and Rory hit the road the next day, Dan and I played at the Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery where i’d been bartending all winter.  After living in a new town for over a year and getting to know some folks, it was fun to have Dan there so we could show them what we’d be up to for the next few months.

Our first stop on the tour was to be in Cornville, AZ, home of the baffling man known as John McCain, and we started packing up and getting the house ready for subletters. It was tougher leaving home this time than i’d thought.  I’ve been touring for about 7 years or so but this is the first time i’ve been so settled in at home that leaving seemed like such a burden.  I’m writing this from the east coast, nearly 6 weeks later though and the feeling is a faint memory so it’s all good!

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