Hi folks,

I’m making an effort to keep this site more active and update you with some photos and tales from my travels.  If you’ve been here before, you know i don’t blog much so please bear with me as i figure this out. (side note, i just looked that up because i realized i didn’t know whether it was bare or bear and i found this: Bear with me is a standard expression used as a request for forbearance or patience. Bare with me would be an invitation to undress.)

Anyway, I was just in Kansas City, MO visiting some family (we had a reunion actually) and it was really nice to see a lot of family that i haven’t seen in many years. I didn’t take any pictures of that but plenty were taken and we you probably don’t need to see those anyway.  However, i also had some interesting meetups with friends along the way.

Ezza Rose was on tour and happened to be playing in Kansas City the first day i got there.  Her bassist, Willem Joerz, is an old friend of mine and was the first “member” of Run On Sentence besides myself (he played bass on the first two albums).  He was flying in to meet the band and it just so happens that my parents live near the airport so i went to pick him up.  I took him down to the RecordBar in KC that evening and when i got there, someone called my name.  I turned around to see my friend Max Barcelow from Fort Collins, CO.  It turns out, Fierce Bad Rabbit (a band Max plays in) was playing the show with Ezza Rose… adding to the coincidence, I met Max because he was playing drums in the Nick Jaina Band and Willem used to play bass in the Nick Jaina Band.  The two had not met before and i was glad to be there with such fine individuals.  Max and i took a walk around Westport and found this crazy burger truck.

Ran into Max in KC and we found this giant burger-mobile!

A couple of days later, my sister recommended we eat at the Westport Flea Market (supposedly the best burgers in town).  I had totally forgotten about this photo and the burger truck.  So, when we arrived and i saw it, i knew it was right.

This kind of stuff seems to happen a lot in the life of touring musicians… or touring anybody’s really… by nature of the fact that we are always moving and going to the same kinds of places (if not the exact same places) it is not so uncommon that i may see friends more in various parts of the country than i do in their own home town.

On that note, i’ll leave you with this picture of a labyrinth i saw carved into the concrete on a sidewalk in Portland.  I don’t know how common this design is, but i have only seen it twice.  The first time i saw it was in New Mexico.  I was staying with a community of friends at “the ranch” and there was a dilapidated labyrinth there.  I asked if i could rebuild it as a work project and a woman named Meme drew out the original design for me to follow as a guide.  That was a couple of years ago.  I have since met Meme’s daughter Marya.  It turns out that Marya, lived in Portland, across the street from the Roadside Attraction during the time that i was the “house band” there.  I never met her though.  Also my friend Sarah, who was a bartender at the Roadside attraction, had a pair of earrings that she loved and wore frequently.  She did not know Marya or that Marya made those earrings and lived across the street from her work.  Anyway, i was walking down the street the other day and found this labyrinth carved into the sidewalk:

The Labyrinth that binds.

It was the same design Meme had drawn for me a couple of years earlier i saw it here less than a block from her daughters old house… i’m gonna go ask her if she put it there….

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