Hey Folks, If you’re curious about our upcoming album, i’ve made a sampler. It’s just a quick medley of 4 of the songs. You can check it out here: Feelings Sampler If you like it, please consider clicking the picture below to watch the video and pre-order “FEELINGS” from our Kickstarter. thanks a bunch! -dustin Read more →

Spring is Springing!

Heya! I just finished scoring the film Blue Potato and it’s currently wrapping up post production.  I’m super excited to have worked on such an amazing project and i’m gearing up for more good stuff! I’ll pick up dan in 2 weeks to go play the Norman, OK Music Festival which will be followed by a week of recording at… Read more →

A New Home!

Hey Folks! Winter is upon us and i’ve sought retreat from the damp, grey, northwest in southern New Mexico for the foreseeable future.  Kyle and i have relocated to Silver City, NM where we’ve been enjoying a nice little rental home and lots of sunshine.  It’s been a long time since we really had a space of our own and… Read more →


Hi folks, I’m making an effort to keep this site more active and update you with some photos and tales from my travels.  If you’ve been here before, you know i don’t blog much so please bear with me as i figure this out. (side note, i just looked that up because i realized i didn’t know whether it was… Read more →

Summer Air

The sun is shining in Portland, Oregon and that is a rare and exciting thing!.  It wasn’t shining for several weeks though, so i spent a whole bunch of time playing in a basement with guitar pedals.  It’s led to an interesting new setup for my solo gigs.  Extra amps ans weird sounds and things… I plan to play quite… Read more →

A soft light glowing.

It’s Tuesday.  I’m sitting in an old Portland house with the drizzle drizzling outside and the cars making that wet road sound they always make here.  All day, i hear the sound of coming and going and it seems like a long time since i was the one staying. In a few days i will turn 34 years old and… Read more →

CSM Signup!

Hey Friends, The Kickstarter ends tonight for my CSM but you can still sign up via paypal for a basic or bonus membership. I’m going back to sliding scale… Basic membership is a $10-$20 donation. Bonus is a $20-$40 donation. If you still haven’t seen the Kickstarter video check it out here: If you want to sign up and it’s… Read more →

A Holiday Gift for YOU!

The CSM is off to a wonderful start and it’s all thanks to you! I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but hopefully we can all enjoy a little xmas tune regardless. My mom’s favorite movie is Christmas Vacation and this song gets stuck in my head every time i see it. It’s about time i let it out! Thanks to… Read more →