I was involved in this beautiful project that you should totally check out! A bunch of artists (over 300) from all over the world, played an amazingly weird game of telephone. One message spawned a few works of art and those works of art spawned other works of art and so on and so forth… check out the unfolding of it all here:

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Fall Feelings Tour Commences!

Hey Y’all!

We are hitting the road again for the month of October!  We’re proud to announce that Kyle Reid, who played bass and guitar on most of our new album, “Feelings”, will be joining us on lead guitar!  We really hope you can come to one of these shows, but even if you can’t, please consider telling your friends in these areas that we’re coming through.  We always love to meet new folks and some of these towns are brand new to us so we’d really appreciate you sharing this info!   *For details about house shows, email

Oct. 2: Norman, OK @ The Deli
Oct. 3: Norman, OK @  The Chouse
Oct. 4: OKC, OK  @ Belle Isle Restaurant & Brew Pub
Oct. 5: Wichita, KS @  Fisch Haus
Oct. 6: Kansas City, MO @ The Westport Saloon
Oct. 7: Parkville, MO @ House Show (contact for details)
Oct. 8: Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin
Oct. 9: Ames, IA @ DG’s Tap House
Oct. 10: Fairfield, IA @ The Arbor Bar
Oct. 11: Iowa City @ House Show (contact for details)
Oct. 12: Chicago, IL @ The Elbo Room
Oct. 13: Argos, IN @ J’s Pub
Oct. 14: Canton, OH @ Buzzbin
Oct. 15: Cuyahoga Falls, OH @ Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh-Roos
Oct. 16: Athens, OH @ House Show (contact for details)
Oct. 17: Louisville, KY @ Gerstle’s
Oct. 18: TBD @ TBD
Oct. 19: Murfreesboro, TN Boro Bar & Grill
Oct. 21: Springfield, MO @ Lindbergs Bar
Oct. 22: Tulsa, OK @ Soundpony Bar (early show 5-7 HH!)
Oct. 23: OKC, OK @ Grandad’s Bar
Oct. 24: DFW, TX @ TBD
Oct. 25: Austin, TX @ The Blackheart
Oct. 26: Marfa, TX @ El Cosmico
Oct. 27: El Paso, TX @ Monarch


Dustin, Dan, and Kyle

p.s. this video/interview recently came out on OPB Stagepass… enjoy!

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FEELINGS Officially Released!

That’s right, anyone can now buy the whole album! Wanna stream it first? Be our guest!

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Our new album FEELINGS will be released July 15th but you can PRE-ORDER it now on CD or 180 Gram Vinyl!

Not sold? here’s a sampler and a full track… stream away!

FEELINGS SAMPLER (a medley of songs from our upcoming album FEELINGS)

RUN TO YOU (a full track from FEELINGS… also appears on the recently released Beneath The Harvest Sky Soundtrack)


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Tour Diary #2 AZ-CA

When we arrived at Eliphante, in Cornville, AZ, we were faced with a difficult decision.  We’d been told that we could drive across the stream to get to the incredible web of handmade structures and meandering tunnels that make up Eliphante.  But the river was looking real high!  we sort of tiptoed the scion onto the riverbank and quickly decided to put her in reverse and seek alternate passage.  I nice couple in a 4 wheel drive pickup hauled our gear across and we cracked a couple of beers and took a boat across.

The other side was magical.  I quickly made friends with a goat with a mohawk and explored all the nooks and crannies of the place (if you didn’t already, click the word Eliphante in the first sentence to see pics).  Anyway, the place was super cool and we were stoked to play with our good friends Brandon and Kelly (aka decker.).  It’s always great to see them and you should probably listen to some decker. here.  We did have to sign a waiver to go to elephante, which was probably good for them, since i fell down once, tripped twice, and witnessed a large piece of wood fall out of the ceiling above the stage after the show.  You should totally still check it out though.

After a night of Finding Nemo and Dr. Strangelove with Decker and his son, we headed to Prescott, AZ for a gig at the Raven cafe with Tucson’s Crystal Radio.  Paula and Daniel are great folks and make some really cool ethereal sounds.  Special thanks to the friend of theirs who let us sleep at his house!

The next day took us to Pioneertown, CA where we played a really fun house show at my buddy Scott Rosenburg’s place in the high desert.  It was really great to see some old friends including Silas Hite whom i collaborated with on our recording project Happiness Realization Party.

We were off to a great start and getting ready to go play with one of our favorite bands near San Diego the next day… stay tuned!


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Tour Diary #1 (getting going)

Around the end of February, i met up with Dan in El Paso, TX.  We played a sweet little bar called Monarch (they also have the best coffee in El Paso as far as i can tell).  Leo and the rest of the crew there were excellent hosts.  The next morning i got up and ate breakfast at Lucy’s Diner while dan was sleeping.  Lucy’s was cool… it’s a tiny diner that has that classic 50′s feel… there are about 10 barstools and you just sit down and the cook takes your order and then turns around and starts cooking.  It was an excellent Mexican breakfast and i’d definitely go back.  The coffee was typical shitty diner coffee though (which i kinda love)… so when Dan got up, we went back to Monarch for really good coffee and a few goodbyes.

From El Paso, we headed to my home in Silver City, NM (after a pit stop at the eternally weird and awesome, Adobe Deli just east of Deming) and met up with Kyle, Frankie, and our friend Rory.  They were getting ready to head out to North Carolina to teach a letterpress animation course at the Penland school of Arts and Crafts.  (Frankie was not so much going to teach as to play with other dogs and poop on some new turf.)  That night, Dan and i played on the local radio station while Rory taught a class at Kyle’s print shop, then we all had a night out at the infamous Buffalo Bar!  After Kyle and Rory hit the road the next day, Dan and I played at the Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery where i’d been bartending all winter.  After living in a new town for over a year and getting to know some folks, it was fun to have Dan there so we could show them what we’d be up to for the next few months.

Our first stop on the tour was to be in Cornville, AZ, home of the baffling man known as John McCain, and we started packing up and getting the house ready for subletters. It was tougher leaving home this time than i’d thought.  I’ve been touring for about 7 years or so but this is the first time i’ve been so settled in at home that leaving seemed like such a burden.  I’m writing this from the east coast, nearly 6 weeks later though and the feeling is a faint memory so it’s all good!

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Beneath The Harvest Sky

The time has come folks!  The film i scored, Beneath The Harvest Sky, is finally being released into the world! It’s really a great film and i highly recommend you watch it and get the soundtrack too!

Get the movie here.

And the soundtrack, which includes 21 tracks that run the gamut from hard rock almost all the way rap, right here.


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Dustin is releasing a soundtrack to the film “Beneath The Harvest Sky” this spring.  You can check out the trailer below.

Beneath The Harvest Sky Trailer

“Dustin Hamman’s music throughout is simply perfect. I already want the soundtrack.” — Pretty Clever Films

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Hey Folks,
If you’re curious about our upcoming album, i’ve made a sampler. It’s just a quick medley of 4 of the songs. You can check it out here: Feelings Sampler
If you like it, please consider clicking the picture below to watch the video and pre-order “FEELINGS” from our Kickstarter.

Watch the Kickstarter Video Here!

Watch the Kickstarter Video Here!

thanks a bunch!

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Pre-Order our New Album “FEELINGS”!

That’s right! We’ve just about finished a new album and you could help fund it by ordering a Pre-Release copy for yourself!  All you need to know is right here!

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